Where to Buy Japanese Mayonnaise?

Amazon.com sells a variety of Japanese mayonnaises at good prices. To the left is a link to a bottle of Kewpie brand mayonnaise, you can also purchase bulk quantities at a further discount, think of doing this if you want to give a couple of bottles as gifts to your foodie friends. 

Japanese mayonnaise is also available at number of grocery stores in the United States and from a variety of online retailers. Look at the condiment sections of your local asian grocery store to see if they stock Japanese mayonnaise. At the average asian grocer on the West Coast of the United States you will often find 3 or 4 brands, including Kewpie and some cheaper brands. It is also common to find Sriracha or wasabi flavored varieties. It is recommended to avoid these pre flavored and instead mix in your own flavorings at home.