Japanese Mayonnaise Article- Good Read

Below is a link to one of the most popular articles written about Japanese mayonnaise from the AV Club.  It sums up the magic of Japanese Mayonnaise nicely.

The way the Japanese use mayonnaise is similar to the American South with hot sauce: perhaps overzealously, a bit trigger-happy, and with its users convinced it could be added to damn near anything.
— -Kevin Pang




Eating mayonnaise solo, sans fry, bread, or meat, is not most people's idea of a wholesome or even appetizing meal. In fact I'm sure many would say it is disgusting, but in the name of science and true objectivism I have taken it upon myself to do just that so you do not have to. What follows in this blog is a rating and description of brands and recipes of the king of condiments, mayonnaise. You may not think it at first but mayonnaise is a cooking staple all over the world and on a wide variety of dishes. It garnishes sandwiches, meats, and vegetables from the US to Chile to Japan to France and everywhere in between. This site is primarily related to celebrating the deliciousness of Japanese mayo, and this blog aims to compare the king of all mayonnaises against not only itself, but against other mayonnaises and toppings from around the world.

Stay tuned for more mayo-ee goodness.